2007 Breast Cancer 3 Day

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Chemotherapy....isn't it romantic?

See when it comes to cancer, you can never assume anything. The last time I posted I was on Day 13 with one day left of chemo pills. I was doing relatively well with high hopes for a great week off. Boy, I was wrong.

I took my last pills on Day 14 and went to bed that night. I awoke the next morning to a mouth full of sores and serious bathroom issues. Again trying to avoid grossing out my reading audience, I will just say that I spent about 5 days in my bathroom. No fun. About the time that began to resolve itself the bloating began. My abdomen began to swell and I became increasingly more uncomfortable.

I went to the doctor for my labs and to discuss this round of chemo. He said we would have to keep me at this dosage to remain effective. I'm not thrilled if this means my entire week "off" will be spent dealing with side effects. I plan to discuss this at my next visit. The more pressing matter is my ever expanding abdomen. I am now caring about 10 extra pounds of fluid. I can't do anything except stay flat on my back to relieve the pressure. It's pretty miserable.

I am scheduled to go in tomorrow morning to have the fluid drained from my abdomen. It is supposed to make me feel instantly better which is what I am hoping for since Ed and I are leaving for Maine on Wednesday. At first I was very nervous at the thought of them putting a needle in my abdomen to pull off this fluid, but as the days have progressed and I've grown larger by the day, I can't wait to get to the hospital in the morning.

I thankfully have a reprieve on the chemo since Ed and I are taking this mini vacation to Maine. I will be starting my pills again on Saturday the 22nd. Can you hear the excitement in my voice? What a great way to end a romantic get-away....chemotherapy. There's just nothing more romantic.


  1. (((Fran)))
    So glad you and Ed are able to get away a bit this week. Praying that this trip is a true reprieve and brings much refreshment to your bodies and souls. I love you, friend. Praying each and everyday. XOXO

  2. Praying you are feeling some relief from the "belly diet." Thinking of you as you get ready to go on your trip. May it be filled with sweet times with your family!

  3. Hope everything went as well as expected. But even more, I hope your trip was wonderful. Praying for you and yours....

  4. Hope your trip was a nice one. Continuing to pray, Fran.

  5. Jessica HowingtonMay 31, 2010

    The Howington's are prayin for you lil mama! Love & Miss you terribly! Our love and prayers are constantly being sent your way :)

  6. AnonymousJune 06, 2010

    I check your blog everyday. I'm praying for you and waiting for a good update.

  7. I will continue to pray for you and your family.