2007 Breast Cancer 3 Day

Sunday, November 27, 2005

The update delayed by the Thanksgiving rush

Due to the Thanksgiving rush I haven't been able post the latest events. Here is a brief rundown with a bit of description when appropriate.

Friday, November 18th: Had MRI of both breasts (with contrast injected in my hand) to have a baseline reading for monitoring the tumor's response to chemo.

Monday, November 21st: Had a "clip" (yes that is the medical term they used) inserted into my breast near the tumor. This procedure was just like the biopsy (pain included). If the tumor responds so well to chemo that is disappears, the clip is used to show the area the tumor was located for surgical removal of surrounding tissue. They like to take some healthy tissue around the tumor "just in case".

Tuesday, November 22nd: This was the first big procedure I've had done so far. They inserted a PortaCath. This device will be used to administer chemo as well as draw blood. It helps to save my veins from the trauma of chemotherapy medications. The device is about the size of a quarter and about 1/2 inch thick with a rubber area for a needle to go into. It is placed under the skin in my chest and a tube runs from it into a vein and then down into the vena cava in my heart is what I believe they said. This is a large vessel that has so much blood moving through it that the chemo isn't as damaging as it would be to little veins elsewhere in my body. It also saves me the pain of having my arms poked each time I go in for treatment. The nurse now will poke the skin in my chest and find the port sitting right under the surface. This will then take the medication straight into my system.

It's not a great picture, but it will give you the general idea.

I am recovering nicely. I felt like I had been punched in the chest for the first 48 hours, but now it's only tender if I touch it. The procedure itself wasn't so bad. If anyone would like the medical details of that procedure just let me know. I'll spare those of you that may be a bit squeamish about such things.

Now it is Saturday evening and we just arrived home from Terri's house. We had a great time. In my mailbox was a package. It was from a charity website that I had visited last week. www.heavenlyhats.com
Please visit the website and consider making a donation. I gave them my diagnosis and age and they sent me 5 adorable hats FREE! I will definitely be giving to this organization in the future! My favorite hat is a baseball cap that is bright pink (breast cancer awareness color) and has the word FAITH embroidered in black letters across the front. What a great encouragement that my faith is strong and not in vain. I love how God shows Himself to us each day if we just pay attention.

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