2007 Breast Cancer 3 Day

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Thinking about hair loss

As a post script I wanted to let you know I have been thinking about losing my hair. I know they say not everyone loses it, but I have yet to meet a cancer patient that didn't. I'm not really worried about it falling out as I know it will grow back. I am concerned about what my head will look like. I am hoping that I will get lucky and have a beautiful Sinead O'Connor look, but I'm afraid it will be more of an Elmer Fudd. Anyone want place their bets now?


  1. Baby you are WAY too pretty to look like Elmer Fud and no matter what happens you ALREADY put O'Connor to shame!
    Love you, I am so happy you are doing this diary, I'll be sure to check it everyday.

  2. Fran, I have a dear friend of mine who is 26, and has been battling leukemia for 7 months. She did lose all her hair, she had hair down to her waist that hung in ringlets. She is even prettier now without her hair! And she likes it too! It is starting to grow back in again now, even though she continues with chemo,but she is quite happy with how she looks.

    And you will be gorgeous too, if you happen to lose it!

    Hugs for you!

  3. My mother had breast cancer. She had all the treatments that were going and she didn't lose her hair so it doesn't automatically happen to everyone.
    The main thing is to be positive. Whether your hair stays or goes - you are still the same person and it's the person that is important.