2007 Breast Cancer 3 Day

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I'm radioactive!!

On November 11th I went in for my first round of tests. Dr. Q ordered chest x-rays, a CT scan of my abdomen and a bone scan. We arrived and they took me back for the chest x-rays. The nurse then started an IV and gave me a large glass of stuff to drink for the CT scan. It was horrible! It tasted like flat strawberry soda only it was slightly bitter and tasted like it had metal shavings in it. She cheerfully told me that I would get to drink another glass in about an hour. Lucky me! Now a different nurse came in and injected radioactive isotopes into my IV for my bone scan. After my second strawberry drink the nurse took me back for the CT scan. After getting on the table she informed me that she would be putting "contrast" into my IV. This could make me feel warm all over. She said many patients say that it makes you feel like you are wetting your pants. She was right! It is a warm sensation throughout your body, but it seems to focus in your bladder area. Strange! I then went next door for a bone scan. This was a simple test. I just had to stay still for about 20 minutes while the machine scanned me from head to toe. I can see how people with claustrophobia would have an issue with this test. It is a tight space and you can't move, but I just kept my eyes closed and made it through just fine.

We will be meeting with the surgeon today to find out what he thinks and I have an appointment on Thursday with Dr. Q. We are hoping we will get the attack plan on Thursday.

In light of the pending doom and gloom we decided to put up the Christmas tree on Sunday. I normally don't put it up until Thanksgiving weekend, but by then I should be recovering from surgery or chemo. It is nice to see the tree up. I just love Christmas and it definitely has helped my mood the last few days. It's strange how you start planning and thinking differently when diagnosed with cancer.

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