2007 Breast Cancer 3 Day

Monday, March 29, 2010

Tests and More Tests

This last week has been a bit foggy for me. I thought now that I am coherent, I should document everything that I know happened (whether I remember it or not).

As mentioned before, I had a CTscan which revealed that the cancer had indeed metastasized. I also had chest x-rays. I have since had an MRI of my spine and my brain. We will find out those results today.

On Wednesday of last week, I went in for day surgery to remove the lymph node in my neck that was enlarged. They will use it for the pathology of this cancer. The surgeon also placed a port-a-cath back in my chest for chemo. The anesthesia for this was brutal. I came home the same day, but haven't had a clear head until yesterday (Sunday) and surgery was Wednesday! I know that I talked with many of you on the phone, but I don't remember it. Sorry. It was a strange reaction to anesthesia, but we've come to the conclusion that my liver must have had a difficult time metabolizing the medication since it is already compromised.

Today we will go see my oncologist and hear all of the results of these tests with more detail. We will learn the pathology of this cancer and we will discuss his plan of action to get this cancer under control.

As an afterthought, I will be having a complete bone scan on Wednesday. This information will be important as well, but compared to my liver, the lesions on my bones aren't as urgent. So that is where we stand. I will post again later when we return from the doctor's office.

Stay tuned...


  1. Tracking with you, girl, seeking to follow your day to day needs. Words seem so insufficient to express my heart...just know I'm so thankful to be one of those who is so deeply impacted by your life. While you don't seem to think it :), you have lifted me and pointed my eyes to Jesus repeatedly throughout these past years. My life is different because of you, dear friend. Praying for you and Ed as you meet with your oncologist today, as well as for the additional testing on Wednesday. Love you, girl...

  2. Fran - I don't know you but your battle inspires me. You clearly know that the Lord is walking with you every step of the way, however many steps that might be. God is faithful to all His childrren and that is where our hope is placed. I will pray for your recovery if it God's will. But mainly I pray that God may be glorified by your faith and strength. God blees you and all that are close to you.

  3. Continuing to pray for each of your needs, dear friend. (((Fran)))