2007 Breast Cancer 3 Day

Thursday, April 27, 2006

I fail to see the humor in all of this...

Just when you think you have a handle on your cancer routine, it spins out of control just to keep things interesting. As scheduled my white count dropped to .5 as of Monday's bloodwork. I took my 3 shots in the stomach and planned to come back on Tuesday for more bloodwork. Well I have been fighting nausea this round more than normal. Monday night was the worst I've felt through this entire ordeal. I was miserable by Tuesay, running a fever and felt like walking death. I went in for lab work and my count was still .5. The doctor decided to put me on two different antibiotics due to the fever and my counts not improving. I was hooked up through my port for 2 hours to take Rocephin and Levaquin. I also took a bag of Anzemet--the anti-nausea drug from heaven. Oh and two more shots in the stomach. On to Wednesday, same process as the day before--antibiotics, Anzemet and shots. Today I thought I would just have lab work, but no that would be easy. My white count in only .8 today that equals 3 more stomach shots today and I had to take the antibiotics again. To top it off that will be my routine tomorrow as well. As you can see, it has been a miserable week and it is just so frustrating. I also have to bring home shots to give myself this weekend. This will make a new record of 16 shots in the stomach in one week. I am so tired of this. My only saving grace is that I know from next week on each day will bring marked improvement with no chemo looming in the future.


  1. Praying for you.

  2. Hey Sweetie, Just wanted to tell you again what a great time we had while we were down there last week. It is always great to see you and be able to spend time just handing out, which is what we do best!! I love you and you know I am always on your side. I thank God every day for putting that one true friend in my life. Much love to you, Ed and Emma.

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