2007 Breast Cancer 3 Day

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Just a reminder for all the women I love

Warning: Possible guilt may follow, but read it anyway!

You all know that you should be checking yourself each month for lumps. If you didn't do it before I was diagnosed I understand. If you still aren't doing it...SHAME ON YOU! Hello, anybody home up there? Breast cancer is serious business and if caught early can be cured!

I know we don't always remember to check. I wasn't intentionally checking when I found my lump, but here is something to help. I came across a website through another blog that will email you a monthly reminder to "Check Your Boobies". Now I know that this sort of thing doesn't work for everyone, but if even one woman uses this and remembers to do a self exam then it is worth mentioning.


I love you all and don't want you to go through this experience with cancer.



  1. Thank you Fran for the link. I'm a nurse and I always don't remember. I should know better. :(

  2. hello,
    my daughter leigh hurst went though breast cancer at age 33. and started a movement in 2004 called feelyourboobies.com.

    her site is very informative about how to do self breast exams. she found her lump and had to go to the third doctor till she was sent for a mammogram. she is often asked to speak to young women about being proactive. so ladies FEELYOURBOOBIES. I'M SO THANKFUL SHE DID. anne hurst