2007 Breast Cancer 3 Day

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Chemo # 5

I had round #5 of chemo on Monday. It is now day 3 and I am doing well. I am drained as usual, but feeling good otherwise. Nausea wasn't much of an issue this time around thankfully. My sense of taste is starting to fade already, but thankfully that recovers quickly.

I have a nice layer of peach fuzz hair coming in. It appears to be dark, but I'm not sure if it is darker than normal. I am happy to see it growing so quickly, but it should start falling out by the middle of next week from this round of chemo. Hopefully since I only have one round of chemo left my hair will recover quickly too.

My plastic surgeon's office called today with a strange request. The secretary asked if I would be willing to talk with a patient getting ready to have a double mastectomy. I said I would, but thought it odd since I am not finished with my reconstruction yet. I can't really give an opinion of Dr. C's work other than what has been done so far. I'm not sure if they want me to talk about reconstruction or the mastectomy process, but I said give the woman my phone number and I'd talk to her if she calls. We'll see if my phone rings.

I'm due back for lab work on Friday. My numbers should still be up--they won't crash until this weekend sometime. I just keep reminding myself 5 more weeks and this will be behind us. I'm not sure when my final reconstruction will take place, but that seems so simple compared to the rest of this process.


  1. Fran ~ I've been thinking of you much throughout the week. I'm excited about this opporunity you have to speak with this woman. Isn't it neat how God uses the trials of our lives to enable us to minister and comfort others with the comfort we've received from Him? I'm praying for your health and encouragement, friend!

  2. Dear Ed, Fran and Emma,
    With Spring comes new hope and a different vision of the future! Winter has been long and emotionally draining for everyone, but somehow the morning sun looked different this morning and prompted me to visit your site for the first time in awhile. I absolutely love the red hair...it looks so natural on you, Fran. Ed is right.....gorgeous! Glad you're almost finished with the chemo and that the surgery was so very successful. I just had a breast thermogram in addition to my annual mammogram. Your message came through loud and clear! Love you all.

  3. Hi Fran,
    I am so glad you are feeling alright. I have learned in the last year that these little "meetings" with others are PRICELESS. I have been on both ends of the conversation and have formed many bonds with people that "understand" what we are going through. I love what Aunt Ruby said, I want to post that on Ethans web site. We go through things for a reason. God didnt give you or Ethan this disease but He allowed it. He know the future and for you it is bright. You will touch the spirit of many. God will use this dark and trying time to bring light to your life and others. I cant wait to see you guys again. Next time yall come this way we will look at you with gorgeous post chemo hair and Ethan with gorgeous post chemo hair and revel(sp?) in our victories!
    Love you,
    Jessica Kerr(Lauren)