2007 Breast Cancer 3 Day

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Not enough spinach in my diet apparently

I had labs today and wasn't anticipating anything different, but just when you think you have a handle on chemo it throws you for a loop. It isn't a big loop mind you, but it is yet one more thing on my to do list. As you may remember my hemoglobin was low last week. I took my normal 2 shots plus a third (Procrit) to help boost my red blood cells. I also started taking iron supplements. Today's bloodwork revealed that my hemoglobin is still low so they want to start supplementing me with IV iron once a week. I didn't have time to sit for it today, so I will be going back in tomorrow for the hour long infusion. It isn't really a big deal just an inconvenience. My already hour long lab appointment twice a week will be extended on one of those days for this infusion. I can only imagine what IV iron will do to my system. The supplements haven't bothered me thankfully, but I doubt I'll be so lucky with infused iron. Wish me luck!

My next round of chemo is on Tuesday. It will be round 4 of 6. I am happy to be coming into the second half of these treatments. The first 3 flew by quickly, but for some reason the thought of 3 more seems like an eternity. I am hoping the next 3 go as smoothly as the last round.

We still don't have any information about the ultrasound, but I'm not worried about it. Dr. Q has a plan and I trust him. I mean really we know it is practically gone and that surgery is somewhere in the future--what more can he say. He'll fill us in when he's ready. Until then we just take it day by day and try to enjoy living life on my good days. I'm sick of thinking about cancer, talking about cancer and trying to convince everyone I feel fine. I guess people want me to be moping around looking pale and tragic, so I'm sorry to disappoint them. I feel fine--please BELIEVE me.

I'm off to do some laundry. I'll post more tomorrow.


  1. is spinach a rich souce of iron?? if so, I had NO IDEA! guess that's not something you learn when paying $3000 a semester in tuition.

    next time I'll just give you $3000, apparently I learn more from you anyway! ;)

  2. Armstrong'sJanuary 28, 2006

    The doctor once told us that Storie's Iron was low so Ricki started gardening in the spring and Storie would sneek around and eat dirt. The next check up her Iron was normal. I don't know wheather I'm trying to say to eat a bucket of dirt or that things have a way of balancing out in the long run. We love you! Dustin, Ricki, Cali, and Storie

  3. I'm so glad you are in such good hands and that you are confident in your dr. :o) Now go eat some spinach, girl. :o)


  4. Hello Fran!

    I'm a fellow FIARower and just wanted you to know that I have been reading your blog and praying for you. Love your new t-shirt and you are beautiful, hair or no hair!