2007 Breast Cancer 3 Day

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Round 2 Complete

I just finished my second round of chemo. Well, actually I'm not finished. I still have this bag of red toxic liquid I have to carry around for the next 24 hours. I will come back to the hospital tomorrow to "disconnect". I slept through most of my treatment today. I brought a magazine and my new portable DVD player (thanks Santa Eddie), but sleep prevailed. I am already feeling a bit queasy which isn't promising for the days ahead. I have my nausea medication ready to take this evening when my current one wears off.

Dr. Q examined me today after chemo. He said that my breast feels normal. If he didn't know I had cancer he wouldn't be able to tell by touch. Yippee! Well, he didn't say yippee...I added that part. He said we will finish up this treatment and then run some tests to see exactly how much of the tumor is left. If it is still bigger than he wants we will do one more round of chemo before surgery. If it is basically gone then we will talk surgery sooner. Obviously this is great news to hear today!

Grandma and Pa are here for the week. They are keeping Emma occupied while I recover from this treatment. Emma is loving every minute of it--all the attention is on her which is just the way she likes it! We are still planning on making the trip home for Christmas this weekend. I am looking forward to seeing everyone and enjoying some Christmas cheer! Hopefully the worst of the side effects will be gone by then. I'll post more when I can.


  1. I'm so glad you have good family support to help you with your child. I can't imagine feeling like someone does after chemo and having to attend to a little one.

    I'm not sure if your system is similar but I often go and disconnect people from their chemo in their homes. Perhaps instead of you running to the hospital, you could have a nurse come to you to disconnect. Unless, of course you have other appointments at the hospital.

  2. hooray!!

    my comments are always so pointless...and usually not very thought provoking...but I know you'd miss them if they weren't there. *wink*

    love you lots!

  3. Fran: You are such an amazing person. Your strength, courage and faith is an inspiration to us all. We hope you will be well enough to come see your family for Christmas. We want you to read the words to a song that Meghan's HighSchool Choir sings. They sing this song when getting ready for a competition,they huddle together holding hands, bowing their heads and makes everyone in the building come to a stop and listen. I wish you could hear their voices but here are the words instead:
    Father in Heaven
    Hear as we pray
    Be in our hearts
    and bless us this day

    Thine is the glory
    Thee we adore
    Be thou our comfort
    For evermore

    Grant that we through all our days
    May share Thy gifts
    And sing thy praise

    Oh loving Father
    Now as we pray
    Bless us this day
    Bless us this day

    We keep you and your family in our constant thoughts and prayers.
    Love, Robin, Dwane, Meghan and Colton Smith