2007 Breast Cancer 3 Day

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

My story begins

Most of you reading this already know how my story begins. I want to include it for anyone that may be surfing for other people with breast cancer stories.

In August 2005, I had a breast exam as part of my annual GYN check-up. Everything was normal and life went on as usual. One month later while putting on deodorant I noticed a dimpling in the skin on the lower portion of my right breast. I reached up to touch it and discovered a lump. I honestly didn't think much about it, but made a mental note to "keep an eye on it". Unfortunately, I found this lump at the same time Hurricane Rita was roaring into the Gulf coast. I had evacuated with my daughter leaving my husband behind due to his job. I was so worried about something happening to him that I forgot about the lump.

Fast forward one more month to October. While in the shower I "found" the lump again. I was now concerned because it was still there and felt bigger. I talked to Ed and he urged me to call my doctor. I did the next day and made an appointment.

At my appointment my OB/GYN examined me and assured me that I had nothing to worry about. "He sees this all the time in women my age." He said he felt it was a fibroadenoma or cyst that could easily be taken care of. He sent me for a mammogram that same day. For those of you that haven't experienced a mammogram yet let me paint a picture for you. Take your breast and smash it in the refrigerator door as hard as you can! That pretty much sums up the mammogram experience! Yikes! I was expecting the radiologist to come in and reassure me that "it's just a fibroadenoma...don't worry". Instead I get, "I want to biopsy the mass." Okay this didn't build confidence in me. We scheduled the biopsy for later that week.

The biopsy wasn't bad. The doctor gave me a local and then made a tiny incision in my breast. He then placed an instrument in that grabs pieces of the tumor for testing. He took 3 pieces for pathology. It was over fairly quickly and other than a little soreness I was no worse for the wear. I was told to call in about a week for the results.

One week later I called and heard the words---It's Cancer. I can't explain it, but somehow I knew that was going to be what I heard. I was prepared and honestly it didn't even upset me. I had been in prayer since I found the lump (the second time) and I know God prepared my heart for those devastating words. Ed called and made an appointment with an oncologist for the following week. So the journey begins...

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  1. Thank you for posting your experiences! I have a friend going through this right now and I hope to gain insights from your blog.